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I started this piece with a dot. A time when I splattered all my emotions on to the canvas. It only made me realize that I am nothing but that dot. Without a dot, there is no line, there is no circle. There is no unity, there is no connection and there is no mere creation. This dot is so tiny, yet so powerful. Without one, there is none. It only made me recognize that we’re so vital, yet so little. 
Here’s to a new rise. Remember, the sun only sets to rise again. 

Over the past week, life has been overwhelming. A lot of emotions have taken over and I haven’t had the words to express it. Letting it out through art has only helped me understand the core of these emotions. Definitely something that I didn’t comprehend before. Through every stroke, I was able to understand every emotion. Now, I understand I speak in a very abstract sense but I have pondered upon these emotions and understood that I sweep negativity under the carpet. Now the word negative itself is negative in our world. But what I have come to realize is, how will you ever know you are outstanding unless in contrast there’s something in-standing? You can’t appreciate the convex without the concave and its exactly like the painting. You see the colours and the imagery but do you see the blank canvas that lies underneath it. Positivity can’t really exist without negativity because one exists with the other. Not to say that you need to suffer in order to be happy, you just need to acknowledge what lies beneath it all. 

I would dread every morning solely because of commuting. It’s now my escape. Amongst all these people, I savour solitude. Instead of burying myself in books, I’ve started living through my commute. You can only come to terms with something if you face it (oooouuufff HMU for life advice) Living through it has made me see so much of beauty in the littlest of things. At times, I don’t like capturing moments because I want to live through them but this was a moment worth cherishing. He held her purse for her while she climbed up the stairs and she almost forgot he was holding it for her. She requested to take it back but he said it was okay. She still took it back from him and instead, gave him her hand to hold 😭 
Reminded me to embrace love, not cling on to it and of course, left me with a smile on my face 💛✨

A typical Sunday afternoon and I was in the art gallery trying to find some inspiration. As I was making my way to the floor below, I stumbled upon two men arguing over a green building at the staircase. One said the building still exists while the other said not every green building is it 😂 It’s nice how we hold on to memories. Time passes by, circumstances change but we never forget how to remember.

Some mango pickle, some gossip and chilling taught me that distance never kills relationships. That being said, closeness doesn’t build a relationship but the care and value for each other keeps it going. They’ve been friends for 25 years with distance between them but the bridge to that gap is the value and love they have for each other. Amma woke up so early just to make ginger pickle because she knows how much Neeta Aunty loves ginger pickle! 
Side note, I had to pop 2 tylenols from the headache I got listening to them laugh and talk about Bombay. I know every corner of Bombay now and safe to say I can speak Marathi fluently!

Amma keeps telling me to throw away the broken stuff but do I really have to? I remember where, when and how I got each piece and I also remember where, when and how each one broke. Why do we have to let go of something that’s broken, instead of embracing it for what it is? Every time a piece falls by my feet, I pick it up and place it with the other broken stuff. I guess when you truly love something, it’s beautiful even when it’s broken.

My father is obsessed with Farmers’ Market and wanted to take my mom and I there today! Somehow Amma escaped but I got stuck in the trap. He promised me he would make it fun and I would have a good time. We walked past watermelons which instead of being father-daughter bonding time, became a philosophical lesson. He taught me how to pick the right watermelon. It has to have yellowish patches on the outside and should have some lines. He said the patches and the lines show that the watermelon is nice and ripe on the inside. “Think of it like us humans. We take in so much pain and you can see it in our eyes and body. Our scars and pain are just on the outside but inside, we’re ripe 😂 and strong” 😂😂 from 0-100 real quick. Besides watermelons and pain, I learned how to select okra, eggplants, coconuts and oranges. Each tutorial came with a philosophical lesson. I’m now an enlightened being haha! 
He bought me a chocolate and we bought Amma her favourite flowers and called it a day!

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