I'm currently a Graphic Design student at OCADU. I have a passion for design! To me design is more than just "art" It gives me the power to create and the ability to problem solve which is a very important skill in today's world. Through design, i have learned that a very important skill is communication and I communicate with my clients to create a visual language as it is important to me that the goal is reached together. I have worked as designer for companies such as Cartly ( online grocery shopping), The Kotamarti Group (Accounting firm), Aardhith Global. I have created business cards, logos, banners, flyers and advertising posters.

Passion for Fashion!

Not only do I love design, i have a passion for fashion! Fashion to me is not just about dressing up and wearing nice clothes. It is about expressing who you are as a person. TO me it is not about dressing like another person or for another person. It is about you and you only. I get inspired by the smallest things in life. From my mother's old jewelry to my bed's colourful bedsheet to the various textures in every corner of the world and finally from the little cute markets filled with colour and patterns. I don't only love to create looks but creating jewelry, headbands accessories all come under fashion. There is no end to artistic creation. 

Eye to I

Photography to  me is peace. The idea of perceiving life in a different angle with a twist is photography. Anyone can take pictures! but one who can see beyond the lens is a photographer! I love taking pictures of people in their natural zones! capturing life is the most exciting work. It is work which doesn't even feel like work! With photography, you not only capture perspective, but you capture time, emotions, harmony, moments, memories and most importantly life. Photography is more than  passion for me! When it comes to photography, i work with happiness, not for happiness.

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